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Hemlata Krishnan, Trustee
Hemlata’s human resources background provides a nice backdrop in understanding human needs, their aspirations, limitations and, therefore, the ability to bridge these with little enablers. The brainchild behind the Foundation, Hemlata’s passion for equality in opportunities drove her to conceptualize and put these thoughts into this Foundation. Always willing to lend a helping this, Hemlata’s desire “I want to do more for many” can be channeled through the Foundation.

Hemlata lives in Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA with her husband and two lovely kids. She can be reached at

Neelu & Anil Bhutoria, Trustees
Neelu & Anil have great foundations in generosity, kindness & fairness that are key factors in enabling the Foundation to give thought to its mission and values. They are the 'go-to' people for giving action to any thought. Their sense of responsibility and ability provide crucial ingredients for any social cause. You can never see either of them without a smile.

Neelu & Anil live in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Their two handsome sons complete their family. 


Flexiknowledge Foundation is thankful to have several individuals in key positions who share common mission and value systems.

Sridhar Kannan, Project Head
Getting big things done is a forte of Sridhar. Getting small things done is a forte of Sridhar. You must have got it by now….getting anything done is a forte of Sridhar. Tireless and one who is never bound by the clock, Sridhar plays a crucial role in ensuring projects and activities see light of the day. He takes pleasure in seeing his beliefs and thoughts come to light at the Foundation.

Sridhar lives in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India with his wife. 

Annapoorni Ganapati, Project Implementation 
Barriers, hurdles, problems are words Annapoorni does not know. A born go getter, Annapoorni provides an ideal personality to strategize the activities of the Foundation. Her independence and confidence provide key backdrop to her philanthropic efforts.

Annapoorni lives in Puducherry, India. She can be reached at


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