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Scholarship Grants

Flexiknowledge Foundation provides grants to individuals to enable them to continue education and finish school.


General Grants

Flexiknowledge Foundation provides all-purpose Grants, not falling in any of the other categories. In addition, this may include grants given to teachers and other social care providers who do outstanding work of enabling opportunities and possibilities for others.


Library Grants

Flexiknowledge Foundation provides grants and services to schools that are looking to build, refurbish or restock school libraries.



Flexiknowledge Foundation organizes events that promote awareness of social and educational issues and offers help and support to mitigate them.


Infrastructure Grants

Flexiknowledge Foundation provides infrastructure Grants to educational & social institutions for additions, renovations & restorations to key building and other facilities including chairs, tables & play equipment.


Annual Day

Flexiknowledge Foundation supports & celebrates Annual Day/Sports Day with students, teachers, social workers, organizers & others. It also provides support in procuring & distribution of Awards and Prizes.

For more information and to know more about our activities, contact us:

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