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The desire to create Flexiknowledge Foundation did not germinate overnight. Its formation is a culmination of our personal lives, our upbringing, our thoughts …. and the direction in which we wish to seek our futures and shape that of many others.

Most importantly, Flexiknowledge Foundation is meant to change circumstances and, hopefully, future for many others. These are for individuals or groups who may be capable, smart, and forward looking; but lack resources and face obstacles in moving ahead. We wish to lend a hand to enable these possibilities and make opportunities.......and try to make life a more level-playing field.

I request all to share the same passion and join me in my hope of giving back to the Community ….the Community that has given so much to all of us.

Let us open doors....fill classrooms. Together.

Looking forward,

Hemlata Krishnan
Flexiknowledge Foundation

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